An adventure in Cli-Fi


Hot off the press, The Venus Timeline calls upon Steve Humphrey’s extensive knowledge of both the climate and the environment. It is his seventh book and he sincerely hopes it won’t represent the first port of call on the road to Venus. Synopsis.


Another country

HellstdThe Girl from Hell, Steve Humphrey’s sixth book draws on the author’s extensive travels around a country  best known for inventing the Eurovision Song Contest term ‘null points’ and where in the local language the words ‘poison’ and ‘married’ are synonymous! It appeared earlier this year. Contact Steve to get your copy.

Help with learning French?

MFBilinguestdThe first bilingual (French-English) version of Mules Frites appeared this year. With French and English versions of the same text on opposite pages. It’s a fun and easy read, with insights into the cultural and social experiences of an Englishman in France.

…The Central Brittany Trilogy

NEVER AT HALLOWEEN is the second book in the Central Brittany Trilogy.

A Twist in the tail was the first in the fictional Central Brittany Trilogy, and now Never at Halloween is available. The remote rolling hills of central Brittany provide the backdrop to a tale of suspense and intrigue where, contrary to metaphysical laws, normal and paranormal are thrown together as the most unlikely of bed fellows. Get a signed paperback copy direct from Steve.


A Twist in the Tail

Cover of A Twist in the Tail
Steve Humphrey’s Gripping new book.

Hurrah! We waited a year for it, and now Steve’s second book set in France is available. More of a gentle thriller this time, A Twist in the Tail is the sequel to Au revoir Madame Guillotine. Both are available direct from Steve, or via Amazon.

It’s available!

Au revoir Madame Guillotine : available in paperback from November 2013
Au revoir Madame Guillotine : available in paperback from November 2013


Yup, the Kindle version has been updated, and now the paperback version is available … “of what?” I hear you ask … of Steve Humphrey’s new book Au Revoir Madame Guillotine. Available (just in time for Christmas) on-line, or by contacting Steve directly.