Steve Humphrey grew up in Hastings, on the south coast of England. Although now getting on in years, he denies playing any role in the famous battle – 1066 and all that.

Steve studied Environmental Science at UEA in Norwich, though never really found a vocation dedicated to his geography degree that wasn’t. By the early 1990s the writing was on the wall and Steve resigned from his job, before he was pushed.
Not really knowing what to do at that point, Steve bought a one-way ticket to France.

Twenty years later he is still there. The majority of this time was spent teaching English as a foreign language in Brittany, though finally in search of some sun, Steve and family migrated south to the Massif Central, where they live today.

Steve has written and published several books. His first semi-autobiographical book Au Revoir Madame Guillotine appeared in 2013 and has been translated into Dutch, by Peter van der Maat, under the same title and into French, by Florence Berger, under the title Mules Frites. A bilingual (French-English) version of the book is also available. A Twist in the Tail, Never at Halloween and The Sibling are the three books in the Central Brittany Trilogy. They appear in one tome under the title A Breton Trilogy. They have been translated into French by Florence Berger under the titles Sirène, Jamais le soir d’Halloween and La Frangine.  Contact Steve directly for a signed copy of any (or all) of the books.

Besides writing, Steve runs an agency that helps fellow ex-pats get their heads round French bureaucracy. From sorting out what to do if you find a dead body in an abandoned house to employing a snake catcher, should your garden be infested with “vipères”, then you only have to “ask-Steve” !

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